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Warning Signs About Your IT Pro

It can be difficult to know how good a job your IT professional is doing. If you haven’t hired many people before, or you’re not a programmer, it can be even trickier.

Fear not: this is my quick guide to some of the most common problems I’ve seen and heard about. I’ll list exceptions to each rule, but if more than a few of these match against your current professional, you might like to reconsider continuing using them.

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The European Invoicing Adventures of my SaaS Apps

Invoicing can be a time-consuming annoyance. Sure, things improve once they’re paid, but at the beginning, the whole process can quickly become a confusing and time-consuming mess. Here’s what I wanted to achieve for my SaaS apps, and for my consultancy work, hopefully saving you some time along the way.

At the start of 2012, I made the welcome return to consulting, setting up my company, TBB Polska, and planning to put all my income through this entity, rather than through my personal tax allowance.

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