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Date archive for: June 2011

Creating a new web app: the first steps you should take

I have a new idea that I’m going to turn into a web app, and this is the first post that documents the process I’ll be taking. You can expect more updates as I complete each step, and in a couple of months the app itself will be live!

When it comes to my web apps, I’ve been feeling a bit restless as of late; I’d like to create a web app that involves slightly more than adding to social media. So, I went through my ideas file (note: keep a stream-of-consciousness file on your computer where you record any and every idea that pops into your head), and started to map out what I want to get developed for the rest of the year.

One freshly-added idea came from reading¬†My Email Canary on John Graham-Cumming’s blog, and the subsequent discussion on Hacker News. These posts talk about how to find out if an unauthorised person is reading your email, albeit tailored somewhat towards GMail. I read that it might be possible to write a gadget that sends out notifications when suspicious activity is detected. I like this idea – it sounds interesting to investigate at least – and there’s a chance people might like to pay for the service.

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