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Using Message Queues Will Improve Your Life

When you’re first frantically trying to get version 1.0 of your project out of the door, it’s easy to avoid reading about concepts that are new to you: “Naaah… it’ll be quicker for me to do it my way! is an all-too-common thought that often runs through my head.

By way of example, this is how I felt whenever I was coding a feature that involved executing a task in the future, such as scheduling a status update to be sent to Twitter. Simple enough: create a table in the database for generic tasks, and a cron job to run them at regular intervals.

And then I read this fantastic blog post about why doing the above with a database is not a good again. As has happened many times, “You’re a fool” began running around in my head instead.

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The Benefits Of Spammers Abusing Your Service

If there is a way to make money online by abusing a service, you can guarantee spammers will give it a try. They have so little regard for the service, the spammers will club it to death without a second thought, all to increase their chances of making a fast buck.

Somewhat ironically, spammers do have their benefits: at some point you will be forced to harden your systems, both against spammers and against Things That Can Go Wrong. Let me tell you how this worked out for one of my apps, TweetingMachine.

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