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Creating a new web app: announcing EasyEmailProtection

Earlier on this week, I came up with a new idea for a web app. Now it’s time for the exciting part: will anybody want to use my easy email protection service?

In my previous post, I listed 10 steps from conception to launch, and I’m working through them at a good rate:

1) The proof-of-concept is complete; I can code a Google Gadget and get it do what I want it to. Which is a relief 😉

2) Taking a look, there are plenty of people offering variations on detecting people reading your email. Without knowing the full figures, it looks like people are making money in this area, and that means there should be some money for me :)

3) I’m still working out a proper marketing plan. So far, I’ve created the basic site with a mailing list sign-up form to gauge interest, and I’ve had a couple of people subscribe to it. On that note: if this is something you would like to see and pay money for, please also sign up; I’ll give you pre-release access, and in return I’ll find out what the demand is like :)

4) The technical details… well, I have a rough idea of how it should work. At some point in the next few days, I’ll sketch out the technical design.

5) I’ve decided against having a separate design for the marketing site, initially at least. For now I’ll be using the White Label theme for everything.

Steps 6-10 are for much later on, although I’m still giving lots of thought about promotions for users. Perhaps offering an extension to a free trial if the user invites 5 of their friends? If you have any experience in this area, please let me know :)

Next: I’ll be standing in a muddy field in Glastonbury next week, and back in the land of the living come Wednesday the 29th. Now, going through with development all very much depends on how much interest the initial site gets. If the user interest just isn’t there, it would be silly to continue. I’m hoping that when I return in 1.5 weeks there’ll be lots of people waiting for updates… and if not, oh well, time to move on to another idea :)

Written by Tom

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  1. Steve Steve

    I am dying to write some new code but I need an IDEA! :(

  2. Tom Tom

    Had a look at your page. It’s pretty dense. Even bulleting the points would make it much easier to read & understand for laypeople.

    Here’s a page for a honeypot system that communicates very effectively:

    The landing page tells people in single bulleted sentences using real-world layperson terms what the service will do for them. Details are found in the FAQ page.

    Your service sounds like it will be pretty good though, more than just a service using honeypot emails.

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