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Does a request for a free version mean you’re on the right track?

I set up Google alerts for each of my web apps. It results in a fair amount of email, but I like not having to worry about missing something.

A few hours ago I was notified about this link: someone asking if a free alternative to Interactwive exists.
I’m wondering if this in itself is a market validation of sorts. Anyone have any thoughts?

Written by Tom

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  1. It might prove that there is a market but it sure doesn’t prove that anyone will pay for it. A business only works if you prove both.

  2. This seems to be a good news. At least someone has paid attention to your product.

  3. Sandy Sandy

    That your product name starts popping up is a good sign… it means your service is getting known. However like Elia said, its no good if people aren’t willing to pay for it. You should try different things, like making a reaaaally limited, free version for really small websites. Or maybe pay-per-month instead of per contest+day ($30 seems high for just a 10 day contest). BTW, spell check your website (found “conest”)

    • Tom Tom

      Thanks for the spell check – thought I’d caught most of them, grr!

      In all honesty, I’m not convinced that the price is *high enough* yet. I’ll worry about that once I’ve applied a decent design and worked on the other issues – it’s always a lot easier to drop the price than raise it later on 😉

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