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Zero Day WordPress Vulnerability. Check your themes’ timthumb.php and thumb.php.

It’s always scary when you read of zero-day WordPress vulnerabilities, and this is a big one. As described on Mark Maunder’s blog, many themes use a library called timthumb.php, which contains an insecure check that allows remote code to run on your server.

UPDATE this check is no longer enough, see below. A quick way to find out if you’re effected is to run a locate command, e.g.:

[tom@daisy ~]$ locate timthumb

This showed that two separate themes – one premium, one free – use this library on my server. Fortunately, the instructions on Mark’s blog make this easy to fix.

Check your servers now before it’s too late.

UPDATE I have discovered that sometimes the file is called thumb.php and is often TimThumb! So now a quick way to find potentially vulnerable files is:

[root@daisy www]# cd /var/www

[root@daisy www]# grep TimThumb * -r

Scary stuff.


Written by Tom

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